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Are you struggling to explain your products or services to your audience ?

We help you put out your message in the form of engaging explainer videos which inspire sales

What We Do

Making you shine at the top by using latest cutting edge methodologies is our specialty.



Information from blogs, reports, whitepapers, emails, etc. is described in the form of illustrations, data visualization and design to summarize the complete concept

Motion Graphics


Information about products or services is animated and explained using sales videos, explainer videos, sales elevator pitch videos, etc. to give a clear picture to the focused audience

Presentation Design


Presentations which give insights about the company information, products and services, facts and figures, etc. are developed in a unique way which helps keep the audience attention

Creativity running wild

Creativity running wild

With lot of cool ideas.

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How We Do It

Delivering you professionally superlative quality products at the right time and at extremely affordable price is what we strive for.



Your goal, mission, target audience and expectations are discussed here



Your product structure, content visuals and design is developed here and feedback at every step is taken so as to ensure your satisfaction



Your finished goods are delivered to you by any of the means that you suggest us


Your needs are discussed and a clear roadmap is defined. At every step of each process, you are consulted and your feedback is taken. Using our NEW cutting edge technologies and tools, we ensure that you get sales.

Consulting and planning

Your personal goals, mission, target audience are discussed here. A rough estimate of the time line is given to you and an approximate price is discussed here

Script writing

If you have a script then we start working on it directly. If you don’t have a script then you can certainly tell us your idea and we will generate a script for you for a small additional price. If you need any changes then now is the time to tell us or going back to this stage will result in extra costs.

Voice over (for motion graphics/videos)

If you have the voice over then we directly move to the design and animation step. If not, then the script is converted into a voice over by our experts with all the emotions necessary to attract customers for you. Changing the voice over once the script is finalized will incur extra costs.

Design and Animation

A story board is created to show you how your final product will look. If you want any changes in the story board then it is important that you tell us at this stage so we can work on it till you are satisfied. It is necessary that the story board is finalized just now otherwise coming back to this stage later will result in extra costs. The finalized story board is then animated by our team of experts.


We will send you first pieces of finalized work as a preview and after receiving your thumbs up the finished product is delivered to you by any means that you want.


"Working with Rohan and X Factor Presentations was nothing but a pleasurable one. Rohan did a great job breaking down the phases of the project and making it a seamless experience working together. His video expertise and impeccable communication allowed for us to align our vision when creating the video. Our new corporate video will be used to illustrate what we do and how we help businesses, essentially qualifying better leads and closing more deals. I will continue working on projects with Rohan as they come up and will recommend him to anyone looking to create a video!"

David Negron – Marketing Manager at Nations Equipment Finance

"The team at X Factor Presentations was highly cooperative and helped us create a video which speaks to the needs of our prospective customers and highlights the key points of our solution to them. The entire process from the conception, storyboard to the animation was laid out per our expectation and feedback was incorporated into the production process quickly and efficiently to make sure that we were satisfied. We are using the video with the prospective clients and would definitely come back again to create another video with the X Factor Presentations."

Rajiv Saxena – Founder and CEO of Onepgr

"Rohan and his team at X Factor Presentations went above and beyond what they promised to make a very professional video for us. They made sure that we were happy at every stage of the project and delivered a final product which is converting very well for us. We have increased our conversion rate by 17% after showcasing the video to our prospects. If you want to have a reliable video production team then I would hands down recommend X Factor Presentations. I will definitely make sure to take their help in future as well."

Peter Tay – CEO of Fintech

About Us

100 percent satisfaction guranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the time frame for creating a video?

  • From our experience so far 4 to 6 weeks with good client feedback is needed to create a compelling video

2) What is the process for creating a video?

  • First we deliver a questionnaire to the clients to get to know them and their business better
  • We then create a draft of the script and the clients’ feedback is taken to see if we are going in the correct direction
  • After the script is finalized, a story board is created which is again subjected to client feedback
  • Then comes to voice over phase
  • After this is the final animation phase
  • Each step has to be finalized inorder to go to the next step because returning and making changes to the previous stage will cost in overheads charges

3) How is our service different from Fiverr or other video companies?

  • We are a one stop shop where you can get the entire video marketing services and we are continuously improving our infrastructure to serve you the best.
  • We believe that once a video is associated with a brand them it should remain there for a significant amount of time so why not have a good one.
  • We make only custom made videos tailored according to customer’s needs.
  • Each business is different and we pride ourselves on our creativity
  • Intensive feedback sessions take place between the creative team and the clients to get to a point where the right message is portrayed.
  • All the ideas that we create are original
  • Each project is given a separate dedicated project manager and graphic designer
  • We can replicate any kind of video style if the client requires one

4) Why are your videos not costly than most companies out there?

  • We believe in helping our clients and a video doesn’t have to be very expensive.
  • Every business should have videos and the more we sell them, the more business we will get from the strong relationship we built (referrals are more than welcome).

5) What if we don’t have any idea about what kind of video we want?

  • Well that’s why we are here for and we would recommend you a video from the information we get from you. Therefore it is absolutely crucial that you fill up the questionnaire as detailed as possible.

6) Why should we select you and not any other company?

  • Well you are free to choose any company you want to but we are here to help and we always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and come up with the best solution.
  • All our team right from our Sales to copywriters to graphic designers to voice over artists to the animation experts are highly qualified in their respective areas and the creative juices are always flowing.

7) What if we want the video in less than 4 weeks?

  • In that case you should tell us in advance and we should discuss first about it.
  • From our experience though, to come up with a quality product 4 weeks is a good time for a compelling final product.

8) What if I don’t get sales after using a video?

  • Video is a sales accelerator tool which has to be used with other components of the website or social media.
  • If the product or the service is not competitive then a video alone can’t save it.

9) What if we just want the video animation to be done by you and we have our own script and/or voice over artists?

  • No problem at all. Just let us know and we can integrate all the components that you want during the creation of the product.

10) What is the cost of a video?

  • The cost of the video depends on various factors like the length, animation and the type of video. That being said, we always try to work within the budget of the clients because we believe that video should be accessible to everyone. The type of video is determined depending on the brainstorming session by our creative team. The final proposal is then delivered to the client and has all the necessary details. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to fill the questionnaire as detailed as possible. To get all the information and consultation please use the ‘Get The Quote’ button at the top right corner of the website.

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